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Below is my pricing schedule and FAQ on payments and terms. Ready to book? just go here

Please note that all pricing is based on the shoot being in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro and excludes additional travel fees etc.

If you would rather contact me directly to book please feel free to do so - my contact details are here.

Most shoots are based on an hourly rate except those listed separately below where you will find the pricing listed on that specific page.

Why not have a look at the Special Offers I have on at the moment or are coming up soon. Super value for money!.


This offer is designed for people who need straight forward head and shoulder or full length portrait style shots for business cards, pamphlets etc.

R350 - You get around 10 shots, edited and ready for use.



All shoots are based on a per hour rate except for the speciality types listed further below.

If you would like a full day session give me a call to discuss a price.

1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours Per/Hr 4Hrs+
On Location R750 R1350 R1800 R2200 R350
In Studio
R650 R1200 R1600 R1950 R350

What you get for your money.

Please note that the number of photos is an estimate only, based on experience and is affected by the circumstances of the shoot, such as weather, kids having sugar overdoses, pets not co-operating etc etc.

Normally I deliver quite a bit more but would rather not make false promises to start with or simply shoot off a whole lot of similar shots just to fill a numbers quota.

1 Hour Shoot + 30 Photos Hi-Res Pics with Basic Editing. Selected shots with conversion to B&W and additional editing. Low-Res files of all images also provided for immediate use on Social Media On Disc
2 Hour Shoot + 70 Photos On Disc
3 Hour Shoot + 110 Photos On Disc
4 Hour Shoot + 150 Photos On Disc

How Many Hours to Book?

For most, an Hour or a Two Hour session works great. I generally recommend a minimum of two hours as this allows you to relax and get into the swing of things.  It also provides enough opportunity to get a wider variety of shots.

If you are a model wanting to build a portfolio, I would recommend 1 or 2 hour sessions rather than for instance a 3 or 4 hour session. That way we can look at the previous sets and plan ahead so that you have a range of different styles and settings.

Feel free to give a call to chat before making your booking.


Events Coverage - See the page

Weddings - See the page

Real Estate - See the page

Interior Design and Fine Arts - See the page

Wildlife/Nature Photographic Trips - See the page

Schools/Creches and Colleges - See the page

Photography Workshops - See the page

Photography Tours - See the page

Live Photo Booth - See the page


When calculating my fees for out of town locations, I consider ;

Travel Time - if the shoot is for instance half a days travel away I need to take into account the cost of this "time spent" on the shoot.

Accommodation - If I need to overnight, you will need to provide lodging and meals or pay the cost of me arranging my own. I do not expect 5 star hotels - as long as the accommodation is comfortable and does not get in the way of doing the shoot I'm fine. Oh yes - coffee - lots of it - available 24/7

Travel Cost - Cost of flights if required, otherwise I charge around R2.50 per kilometre if own transport used. If I fly in, please remember that I will need use of a vehicle on the other side as well.

If you are wanting to book me for a location shoot or out of town work, please give me a call
. I am quite flexible and would rather work out something that works for you rather than have set or standard rates.


Please see details here.


50% deposit to confirm your booking. The balance at least 48 hours prior to the shoot.

It is a weird system some photographers use and is an import from USA

Before I explain exactly what it is, let me say upfront I DO NOT use the system or charge a session fee. What you see in my pricing is what you pay.

Basically how it works is - you pay twice. Once for the photography session and again when you actually order your photos. And normally the per photo price is quite steep. Additionally, photographers using this pricing method also do not supply you with the high resolution images. Only the prints you order and low res pics for social media not for printing.

So if ever you want more photos printed you have to pay! In short, I recommend you stay away.

Yes - as long as you do not have the intention of totally ripping me off.

I do understand that sometimes we go through rough times and will try and help - even if it is just allowing you to pay the balance off.

If you compare (apples with apples), I am sure you will agree that my pricing is great to start off with anyway.

Yes I do - and think it is a wonderful gift to give someone - images and memories for life.

Check out the gift voucher link off the main page.

On Cancellations, I do understand that sometimes life throws us a curved ball and will deal with each case on its own merits based on reasons and time cancelled before actual booked date.

Do bear in mind that if you book and cancel, I have in real terms lost money because I turned down another client in that slot - particularly over weekends.

Expect me to retain between half and full deposit, in compensation.

Considering refunds for poor quality shots is a bit more difficult. Quality is a relative concept and sometimes it revolves around others issues like style etc rather than quality itself.

I know when the quality is not as it should be. It has never happened before but if this is ever the case because of equipment failure or whatever reason I will refund you no problem, based on the percentage of bad shots.

If I feel the quality is fine and you insist, then I will use the services of another professional to assess - and base my decision on their recommendation.

I suppose some are - mine definitely not - and some are crazy cheap.

The real cheapies are generally amateurs and hobbyists. Use at own risk. The crazy expensive guys have generally adopted a model of rather doing two weddings than four and making the same money.

You will find that most pros and full timers all charge within a similar range - and although they might seem expensive it really is not.

You are paying for experience - which has not come cheap, but will give you some guarantee as to the quality of photos you will receive. A little like using a qualified and experienced mechanic as opposed to your cousin who knows a little about cars. Good guy will charge - cousin is happy to get a six pack of beer - but no promises.

Professionals make sure they have the right equipment. Not just a great camera but also the proper lenses to work with it. My one lens, a 24-70mm f2.8, which is super for weddings, functions etc will set you back around R27 000! I am willing to invest in lenses like this to ensure you get great shots even in low light and tight conditions.

Most people do not realise all the hours spent behind the scenes. The selection, editing and processing work takes many hours. Much more than the shoot itself. If you look at actual hours then the rate is very reasonable.

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