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Workshops are one of the ways I give back to the photographic community.

I have been one of the lucky few to be able to work with absolute masters and geniuses and the lessons learned from them have been invaluable.

While I had this privilege, I do know that most do not have that opportunity - so therefore these workshops.

Why yours? Perhaps the key element that makes my workshops stand out, is that they are mostly practical. There is a selected theme at a specified location. I provide you with basic notes and then provide guidelines on site - not detailed instruction. That way you learn by experimentation around different settings.

Target skill level? The workshops are targeted toward beginners up to semi-pro. One of the core learning methodologies I apply is peer review and comparison so having a mixture of skill levels gives everyone the opportunity to share and learn.

How many in a class? Maximum of ten. Otherwise I cannot give the personal attention I want to.

You teach a particular style? No - Definitely not. I always encourage photographers to develop their own style. The theoretically perfect portrait will have certain settings - you however might want harsher shadows, more light for washed our features or a real grainy effect.

Picasso, Andy Warhol and other genius trendsetters, stepped right our of the mould and told their story their way. So too it should be with your photography - learn the principles and then create your own brand.

And about my camera itself? Unfortunately no - you must have at least working knowledge of your own equipment. I can assist but that is not what the workshops are for. Nikon users are fortunate enough to get free training on their equipment and you should take advantage of this before wanting to jump ahead. If you have not done one of these free courses let me know.

And Assessment? We constantly look at your shots and .look to improvement. After the workshop, everyone submits their three best shots with comments and settings. I put these up on the web and we all then discuss and learn exactly why the best shot was just that.


Live as if each day is your last. Learn as if you will live forever  {Mahatma Ghandi}

photography workshops training port elizabeth
photography workshops training port elizabeth
photography workshops training port elizabeth

Pricing for each workshop is set depending on the topic and location and actual costs.

Typical pricing ranges between R150 and R300 - and is dependent on actual costs such as model fees, equipment hire, location entrance fees and the like

photography workshops training port elizabeth



photography workshops training port elizabeth



photography workshops training port elizabeth




Yes but it could work out quite expnsive

If we do, it will be on the same basis as normal workshops except we do the assignments alone

I do, based on what I see as a need, or from feedback from other students.

If you have a thought, just drop me an Email

And I would like to do more, but while doing these workshops so cheaply is wonderful, it does not pay the rent

Lectures provide knowledge and theory and there is definitely a place for them.

You can however go to the same place ten times and never have the same settings on your camera. Different cloud cover, changing white balance depending on time of day, more haze in the air and so on.

Great photographers have learned to assess a situation and make setting decisions that result in super shots.

That assessment and decision making is what I try and pass on with my workshops.

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